Corinna Stoeffl

a visionary thinker
a different perspective
empowering questions
Short Bio

Corinna Stoeffl, a life coach and photographer, is a life-long learner who shares her knowledge about Rites of Passage and her explorations of going ever deeper into the mystery of life through speaking, writing, podcasting, workshops, group and individual work. (full bio)

Themes Corinna Speaks to:
Rites of Passage, Transitions

Currently, we are in a collective Rite of Passage. What do these times require from each one of us?

Or provide a general education about the process of a transition and the challenges faces in each part of it.

Who Are You?

Normally we answer this from our head with data points, rarely from our core.

Becoming Older or an Elder?

We all are getting older, yet just a few become Elders. What does it take to become one?